Sonia Ramos

Sonia Ramos is a GoE Professional Member in Windsor, California, United States
Sonia Ramos


I am certified as an Animal Energy Healer through the GoE (Guild of Energists) and I'm based in Windsor, California.

I have also completed classes/courses on Natural Healing Alternatives for Horses and Veterinary Anatomy and Terminology. 

Additionally, I'm very familiar with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and using alternative healing remedies such as Bach Flower Remedies.

Call 1(707)206-1653, email me, or visit if your animal needs energetic healing and you'd like to schedule a session.


About Me:

Since I was born, all I've ever known is the realm of energetic healing thanks to my mother who explored alternative remedies and healing practices in desperate search for healing that traditional western medicine failed to cure. From two years old onward, I've had asthma and severe allergies. My mother, who later became a Master EFT practitioner, was able to help heal almost all of my allergies and lessen my asthma through various energetic methods. 

I was able to experience firsthand a glimpse of the reality that was past the physical preconceived belief that we are merely a body. By learning and understanding from her, reading books and having EFT help heal not just my physical hurting but also emotional suffering, it was clear to me that energy healing no matter what the form it was in, was a viable and real thing that applies to all humans, animals, and living things alike.

Growing up, I cannot remember a time where I never had an animal by my side. Three cats, a dog, two mice, two rats and a bunny later, I took an immediate interest in the field of animals even going so far as to pursue becoming a registered veterinary technician.

After taking classes on medicine, I soon realized that this was not what I was truly meant to be doing when it came to animals; there were problems that just could simply not be fixed at the level of the physical. I decided to seek other ways I could help, and alternative healing which includes energy healing was the one thing I always knew was right for me. After practicing on my own animals with emotional issues and physical symptoms and seeing great results, I knew I needed to take this one step further.


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